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Concerned about the coming weather change and how it leaves an impact on your skin? Our fair and white So Carrot collection is simply amazing. Enriched with tons and tons of benefits, the skincare product range in the category serves to benefit one in different ways. Where some of the products work wonderfully as skin lightening and skin brightening creams, the others work as face whitening cream, body whitening cream, and other whitening creams. We are focused towards the overall beauty including the face care and body care. Shop for an exclusive range of fair and white cream and entertain oneself with a youthful and glowing skin! Fair and white offers an exclusive range of skincare products, produced out of carrot. Having in mind the benefits of carrot for the face and body skin, we believe and are strict about fresh carrots being added to our range of skincare products. Shop out for the high-quality So Carrot, SO White skincare products.

Body care

Our body care in the collection of So Carrot includes the brightening body lotion. Just like fair and white cream and body whitening cream, our brightening lotions are a premium body care for you. You can shop for your everyday skincare routine. We ensure you that the delicate fragrance and all the powerful yet active ingredients will lighten and brighten up your day. Want to add the radiant beauty? We have a huge variety for you. Also check out our whitening creams. For the body care, we also have soap enriched with glycerin, carrot oil and microbeads. It serves as an exfoliator and a proper cleansing solution if used religiously as asked. The carrot soap that we offer help refines the skin tone, improve it’s complexion, brightens the tone, and gives the desired beauty as needed. Flawless-looking skin is your dream? Add our range of so carrot products including skin lightening and skin brightening cream in your daily skincare regimen.

Face care

Impurities and imperfections on the face may make you dull. We at fair and white help you glow back and refine your skin tone. Our bright and glam is a face whitening cream in the so carrot collection. The powerful brightening ingredients along with carrot oil works wonderfully when used religiously. For the face care, we have further face serums, enriched with tons of benefits including nourishing, brightening, and unifying. Thereby, a source of softness and glam on the skin. Avail all the benefits of carrots in a single product and enjoy the grace coming forward to meet the beautiful you. You can also shop for our truly demanded face and body cream, especially if you are frustrated out of the dullness on the skin. We produce our products with all natural and powerful ingredients that serve to beautify and brighten the skin tone. Further, adding more to the glow and completing oneself. We help our clients grab a nourishing and moisturizing solution with all the active ingredients including carrot oil. If you are stressed because of your dry skin, our fair and white cream so carrot collection is for you. There is a lot more that can help you with enhancing your beauty. Explore what your skin requires and grow with the beautiful you!