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At Fair and white, we believe that the beauty at first sight is the appearance you carry. High-performance skincare routine can end up with the best face forward. Having created the original range of top-rated quality products including fair and white cream and whitening cream, we have focused on black and mixed skin color. Our skincare products ranging from skin brightening cream, face whitening cream, and body whitening cream to skin lightening and skin whitening cream can also help cleanse, treat, moisturize, and protect with the best formulas by experts and use of powerful ingredients.

Glowing and Youthful Skincare Routine with F&W original

F&W Original products are produced out of result-driven formulas and extremely powerful, yet original ingredients. These high-quality products are produced and enriched with original ingredients, beneficial for the skin health. Skin being one of the major organ requires or say demands extra level of care. Keeping in mind the goal set for different age groups, genders, and health statuses, our huge range of skincare solution work wonderfully for different skin types.

Skincare for face

One can always grab our complexion visibly smoother fair and white cream gels and other illuminating products that we have produced with a silky texture to help reduce brown spots. All the skin brightening creams that we offer also works for the smoothness of our skin color. The whitening creams and face whitening creams that we have are for the brighter complexion, focusing on the goal we have set to help us stand in the market. The richness of smooth formula helps fight the brown patches, thereby enlightening the skin tone.

Body products

You can grab our body whitening creams and lotions that works tremendously as a fader. We concentrate on removing the spots, helping restore the even skin tone. Even the skin lightening creams that we have are equipped with zero bleaching effect. The addition of hyaluronic as the core ingredient in our product reflect its wonderful results.

Additionally, the brightening body lotions that we have helps rejuvenate the skin and brightens it with its’ anti-aging and moisturizing properties. Our body care solution also comprises carrot shower gel that comprises real carrot extracts, offering vitamins and refreshment for the real pleasure. The subtle fragrance that all our products carry makes the skin naturally radiant.

Frustrated with your greasy skin all the time? The black purifying soap is enriched with cocoa butter, antibacterial agent, and vitamin E that helps with cleaning and purifying the skin in a gentle manner. It is for both your face and body. The exfoliating soaps that we have eliminates the dead cells, cleansing the skin, thereby making the complexion smoother and radiant. Dry and damaged skin is you main trouble? Our Aloe Vera body lotions are enriched with natural aloe vera, that moisturizes the skin and smoothens down its’ texture. Fair & white gives you a supple and visibly-clearer skin when aloe vera enriched products are consumed regularly after bath.

For the combination to oily skin, we also have this amazing purity fade cream for you. It works amazingly as the skin lightening and whitening cream even during the winter season. It’s aggressive lightening agent evens out the skin tone while the creamy-textured formula hydrates the skin, preventing the flaking and irritation. If you have the sensitive or dry dehydrated skin, we have ultra-moisturizing body cream for you, enriched with hydrolyzed collagen and glycerin. This helps in making the texture of the cream velvety and loved when it comes to offering nourishment to the dry and damaged skin.

Want to grab the optimal result? Make use of our high-performance products every morning and evening!