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Fair and white is a renowned name in the industry for offering it’s extremely amazing range of skincare products. From multiple whitening cream and skin lightening options to fair and white cream, we are making sure that all our targeted audience avail the benefit of refreshed and glowing skin. We are strict about gaining understanding about the client requirement and this is to give back a useful and much efficient skin whitening cream, face whitening cream, body whitening cream, skin brightening cream, and other options for our extremely dark to moderate beauty. Shop from our very amazing Miss White collection for the extra-beautiful, glowing, and radiant skin.

Best thing for the best price

Skincare is pricey but is it unaffordable? We take care of the pocket size we target and offer the essentials at the price always needed. Our Skincare range of Miss White is what can add value to your beauty.

Miss White for dark spots

For the dark spots we have dark spot correctors in the range of Miss White. Not only the face, these correctors are targeted to all skin types with dark stubborn areas including knuckles, hands, knees, and feet. Having the ones in the form of cream gels are amazing too as they help fight pigmentation and get the even-tone glow back with smoothness on the skin.

Miss White serum

Having it blended with lightening and brightening properties, our serum is amazingly lighter in weight. Hence, serving as a perfect promoter for luminous, silky, and extra-ordinary even-toned skin. We generally target the serum we produce to ladies with normal to oily skin.

Miss White for body care

If you have a dark skin, our skin brightening cream and lotions are produced for you, giving your body a waking sense. Not only these are beautifully-fragranced, these also work efficiently for targeting and controlling hyper pigmentation, further brightening-up the skin tone. To treat you more like a princess in the shower, we also have soap and shower gel in the range of products. All that these does is cleanses and exfoliates so that the body feels entirely smooth and freshly-cleansed. Get rid of all the dead skin and give your skin some space to breath properly. The whitening and nourishing properties of this skincare range moisturizes the skin, further preventing it from dark spots and improving the overall complexion. The activeness of the powerful yet natural ingredients that we use makes them effective. We help you promote a softer skin tone and a magical scent. Give your skincare a level up everyday!