F&W Gold

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Fair and white gold range of products are an addition to your beauty. Want the glow back this coming summers? Our amazing range of gold products not only enhances the beautiful you, it also lets your skin breathe out. Our whitening creams, skin lightening, and skin-brightening creams are a true partner. When looking for an alternative to face whitening cream and body whitening cream, we have exfoliators that helps deal with the dead skin and all other impurities. Beautiful and glowing skin is no longer a dream when you have fair and white cream or any product from our very own gold collection. Many among you may still be thinking that the use of cosmetic is the only skincare you can do. But this is a huge world and there are a large number of products. For instance, keeping your Vitamin E to an adequate level helps your skin stay supple. Regardless of the age, gender, or health, skincare is for everyone out there. Fair and white collection of gold can help get the most out of you and of course the accomplishment of the goals set. We grow, we age, and we deplete. This is the time when one has to take care of the skin excessively. The signs of aging that start appearing at our early 30s makes us get alert about the needs of our skin. Our gold collection have everything from skin whitening cream to skin lightening and body whitening cream and face whitening cream.

Brightening creams and lotions

Our whitening cream and brightening lotions work wonderfully during night time. These help reveal the skin radiance while its absorption ability help you lighten and brighten the skin. Thus, promoting softness on the skin and offering an even-tone complexion. Our brightening AHA lotions are especially for the non-hydroquinone users.

Exfoliators and serums

Our gold exfoliators are an alternate to exfoliating bar soaps. The range of scrubs in the gold category at fair and white are hell-amazing with their creamy texture and powerful ingredients to help get rid of dullness, dead skin, and all other impurities. With our focus towards dark spots, we also have serums and luminizers. Our anti-dark spot luminizing concentrate gold is a treat for your skin, targeting reduction in dark spots and giving back an even-tone complexion.

Shower gels

Want to entertain yourself in bath? The bath gels or shower gels that we offer are a true partner to you. The fresh and beautiful fragrance coming from the product along with its’ creamy texture makes them a wonderful option to our targeted audience. It absorbs in the skin, letting all the active ingredients penetrate. To add value to the amount spent, we also offer the gel with Argan oil that promises brighter and beautiful skin. The creamy texture of our shower gels also cleanses the skin. We also have exfoliating shower gels that are enriched with apricot seed powder, glycerin, and exfoliating microbeads. Thus, helping the skin feel the radiance and even-tone. The beauty coming from the glowing skin cannot be denied. Shop for our very exclusive gold range of products we have produced for you. Be it excessive dryness on the skin or reducing dark spots or removing the dead skin, the powerful ingredients we make use of helps restore the dull skin, further offering it a softer and silkier texture. Protect the beautiful you and your confidence from the environmental nasties and regulate your body temperature. Help yourself get rid of dull skin and grab the silky yet softer texture!