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Fair and white exclusive range of products are an applauding solution to all your skincare troubles. From fair and white cream to body whitening creams, you can shop for our exclusive range at the price you may have always desired. What we can offer you are the incredible benefits from the originally-formulated products and at the price easy on your pocket.

Skincare creams

We have a range of creams that you can shop for. It includes Clarifiance fade cream, skin brightening cream, and a cream gel. All the face whitening creams and body whitening creams we have in our product range helps reduce brown spots, ensuring smooth, and beautifully-radiant skin.

Face and body care with lotions

With fair and white, we have this exclusive range for lotions that helps in reduction of the spots and improves skin complexion. The best about our products is the rich and creamy texture that we offer for a soft, glowing, and fruity skin. Additionally, our maxi tone lotion can help with brown spots on your skin. All the active ingredients we include serves to even the complexion by lightening the skin. Thus, making the skin softer and supple with the time.

Exfoliating soap for face and body

Exfoliation is essential for both face and body. Our range of exclusive soaps are gentle on the skin, gives the overall complexion a boost, and polishes it. The activeness of almond oil and shea butter helps softening the skin and cleanses it. Even if you are stressed about buffing your dead skin cells, the exclusive skincare range will surely amaze you. Gentle massaging of the face as a part of daily skincare regimen can offer the desired output.

Fragrance that helps you stay fresh

With us you can also shop for our pocket-size and pocket-friendly roll-on deodorant. When you feel the bad smell coming from you, immediate application works wonder. This anti-perspirant roll on is a long-lasting deo, easy to carry and use. Struggling to have a skincare routine that is worth? Choose to have our natural exclusive collection that fits the size of your pocket and easy to carry and use. Get the radiant skin with the consumption of our exclusive skincare range!