F&W Exclusive Vitamin C

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Fair & white is uniquely providing a skincare range, considering the skin lightening and brightening needs. With the use of active vitamin c antioxidant, we are offering more and more skincare products that can benefit the dark and mixed beauty we target. Silky, soft, and glowing skin is a demand and we are here to satisfy it. The promise that we ask for is the use of products religiously for radiant and spotless skin. Our whitening creams and fair and white cream are a wonderful option one can have. Buy natural products at the price easy to afford! The benefits of vitamin C for the skin makes it one of the demanding nutrients for the body. Since we target dark and mixed beauty, our huge collection of vitamin C products lie in the range of fair and white collection. Soft, silky, and glowing skin will no longer be a dream. The use of original vitamin c fruits makes the products efficient and worthy. Even the face brightening creams that we offer works amazingly. We are strict about the complexion and that is what makes us add an active lightening agent for clearer skin and even complexion.

Vitamin C rich cream gels

Having in mind the harsh environment, we are strict about the production of brightening and whitening cream gels. From targeting the darker complexion to faces with brown spots, we make sure the addition of vitamin c. Not only our cream gels work wonderfully for skin lightening, these also help to reduce the brown spots, prevent break-outs, etc. Thereby, ensuring protective skin in the damaged environment. Our range of gel creams also adds silky gel that we consider an amazing addition. It’s a unique option to our audience as the ingredients used are different and active. All the products that we offer works amazingly for the wonderful silky touch.

Vitamin C rich lotions

Our range of lotions that we have for your skincare routine is different with the addition of vitamin C. Not only these serve to regenerate the unifying properties of the skin, these are even amazing for offering skin that much-needed energy back. Formulated with natural yet powerful ingredient, this range of skincare regulates melanin production. Hence, showing up with soft and fruit-fragranced beauty. “Fair and white creams are secret to healthy and glowing skin”

Vitamin C rich soaps and serums

We are in love with the body whitening cream properties of the vitamin c rich soaps that we offer. The enrichment of apricot kernels are just amazing for the body and face as it holds cleansing properties, preventing dull complexion. The serums that we offer are formulated with all the powerful ingredients that helps brightening the skin tone. The religious use for it makes it an illuminating product for skin complexion, softening the brown spots, and further redefining the silky and smooth texture of the skin.

Vitamin C powder complexion kit

We have formulated the powder complexion kits as well for our beauties, considering the damage they already have on their skin. It works wonderfully from protecting the skin against the environmental pollutants to preserving its elasticity. So if you are concerned about getting back your even-tone complexion, our skin kits are just amazing. Enhance your brightening effects with our amazing vitamin c rich product range!